Tuesday, June 15, 2010

At long last, my reactions to a 1-1 'loss'

The first round is only a few games from being completed and I have yet to write a single word about it. Not Mexico, not the U.S., not Germany, no one. This stems from my deep disappointment with Mexico in the opening match against South Africa. They shit the bad. Pardon my French but that is the best way to describe it. They came out fast and furious, nearly scoring in the second minute, then after 20 minutes of completely possessing the game, they wilted. Sure, they had a much better first half than South Africa, but that was not the same team that beat Italy and almost ripped South Africa a new one. This was the old Mexico, the one that gets tense in close encounters and forgets how to play. It was disappointing to say the least. It was disheartening.

It only got worse when Tshabalala broke past the back line and lazered in the best goal of the tournament thus far. Just imagine, the last goal scored on Mexico was Maxi's miracle, now this? Kill me now. You want to know the worst part, I didn't watch the game live. I angered the Mexican soccer Gods and they punished me for it. Instead of watching the game I have been dreaming about for four years, I went to the Blackhawks parade. I'd do it again too. Had I watched the game live, I might have passed out. Seriously, I would have turned off the TV, that's how much confidence I have in this team. So in the end, I am expecting the worst from my green men, and praying for the best. I've been let down too many times. It's sad to say, but Mexico's weak showing has dampened the whole competition for me. Bummer.

Here are three thoughts from the disappointing point gained against the host nation:

1) Franco must sit. He had three point blank chances and didn't convert. He had his shot and proved what most knew all along, he's not a big game player. He's done at West-Ham and will probably move to a European Minnow or Mexican team for next season. He makes good runs so he is not completely useless, but his finishing is subpar, to say the least. Thanks for your time Guille, but your moment has passed.

2) Chicharito has to start. I find it funny that coach Javier Aguirre trusted an aging striker with little future over the crown-jewel of Mexican soccer. There is a reason Manchester United signed Chicharito and it's not because he sits on the bench well. He puts balls in the back of the net. Period. He isn't tested, he is not a veteran, and he has yet to prove anything at the World Cup, but that doesn't matter. He needs the chance to prove himself. Give him the start Aguirre, or all the players will be watching the rest of the tournament from their behinds.

3.) Dos Santos is the best player we got. Chicharito may be the future, but Gio Dos Santos is the now. I know they are the same age, but Dos Santos proved he brings the most to the table of anyone on the field. His dashing runs and tremendous skill saw him terrorize the South African back line. Had his shot in the opening minutes not been deflected away from goal, Dos Santos would be the name you would be hearing the most. He is special, and hopefully he can keep playing at that level the rest of the World Cup.

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